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Uniti Power IoT is perfect for businesses with multiple UPS systems spread across different locations, businesses that require remote monitoring and control, and those that want to leverage predictive maintenance to minimise downtime.

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System Protect Software (SPS)

System Protect Software (SPS) is a utility that communicates with the Network Management Card. It logs events, informs users of events, and protects the system to shut down gracefully. With SPS, it can save application data and documents before the system is shut down.

SPS has two major components: SPSService and SPSInterface. SPS Service runs in the background as a system service, and SPS Interface is a user interface application that allows the user to tailor the configuration parameters.









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NMC (Network Management Card)

The Network Management Card (NMC) from Uniti Power is an advanced SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) manager designed to seamlessly communicate with your UPS via Ethernet. This card offers dual communication protocols – SNMP and HTTP – ensuring versatile and efficient application.

With the NMC, users can effortlessly access vital UPS information via a Network Management Station (NMS) or a web browser. This provides real-time insights and empowers users to precisely manage UPS and NMC parameters.

One of the standout features of the NMC is the integrated System Protect Software (SPS). This application is engineered for multi-server shutdown operations. When the UPS encounters shutdown events, which are user-configurable, the SPS ensures an orderly and automatic shutdown process across various operating systems. This systematic approach eliminates the risk of abrupt shutdowns, safeguarding clients and servers from potential data loss or damage.





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