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What product warranty do you offer?

All Uniti Power UPS systems have a standard 3-year parts and a 2-year battery warranty. This warranty is extended to six years on parts with the purchase of the Uniti Power premium remote monitoring plan. This industry-leading warranty covers all of our single-phase UPS systems. Uninterruptible power supplies offer invaluable protection.

You and your customers deserve the best, which is why Uniti Power’s 6-year warranty is better than the competition. It demonstrates our absolute faith in our UPS systems. Importantly, it provides you with peace of mind regarding their long-term dependability and performance.

Unless otherwise specified, the given warranty covers manufacturing faults discovered when the product is used in applicable applications. Also, the following should be considered:

  • Registration of the warranty with Uniti Power is needed.
  • Neglecting or mistreating an item will void the warranty.
  • The product must be installed in accordance with Uniti Power’s instructions.
  • The item must not have been altered or used for a purpose other than its original intent.
  • The item must be installed by a competent individual, preferably with installation expertise.

Should you encounter a fault with a Uniti Power UPS system, please contact your supplier who will advise on the specific fault processes.

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