SNMP Network Management Card for Symphony Range


The Uniti Power Network Management Card is the latest UPS connectivity device that offers exciting capabilities and features to IT professionals.

Product Description

The Network Management Card (NMC) from Uniti Power is an advanced SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) manager designed to seamlessly communicate with your UPS via Ethernet. This card offers dual communication protocols – SNMP and HTTP – ensuring versatile and efficient application.


With the NMC, users can effortlessly access vital UPS information via a Network Management Station (NMS) or a web browser. This provides real-time insights and empowers users to precisely manage UPS and NMC parameters.


One of the standout features of the NMC is the integrated System Protect Software (SPS). This application is engineered for multi-server shutdown operations. When the UPS encounters shutdown events, which are user-configurable, the SPS ensures an orderly and automatic shutdown process across various operating systems. This systematic approach eliminates the risk of abrupt shutdowns, safeguarding clients and servers from potential data loss or damage.





Latest Update Date: 07/03/2019



Latest Update Date: 24/09/2021



Latest Update Date: 02/11/2020


NMC Modbus Protocol

Latest Update Date: 09/03/2019


Uniti Power Symphony provides market-leading power protection for mission-critical loads in server rooms, IT networks, medical applications, and industrial settings. Installable in either a rackmount or freestanding tower, this UPS is extremely versatile.

  • Easy installation
  • Allows remote monitoring of your new UPS
  • Our SNMP works with most major brands of server software
  • Enables firmware to be upgraded remotely
  • 2 years repair or replace warranty

Quick Installation Guide

  • Model Number


    Dimensions W X D X H (MM)

    67 x 120 x 35

    Weight Per Unit

    0.10 kg

    Operating Temperature Range

    0°C - 40°C

    Provided Equipment

    CD & Serial cable


    To be used with Symphony range of UPS

    EAN Number



    2 Years Repair or Replace

    Lead Time

    Usually in stock


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