Uniti Replacement Battery Kit #3 with 1 Year Warranty


The replacement battery kit 3 is specifically designed for use with Uniti Power uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure full compatibility with battery management technology.

Product Description

URBKs are dependable, safe, and have minimal connections, which saves time. Due to the hot-swappability of URBKs, no network downtime is required for their deployment.


Uniti Power Symphony provides market-leading power protection for mission-critical loads in server rooms, IT networks, medical applications, and industrial settings. Installable in either a rackmount or freestanding tower, this UPS is extremely versatile.

  • Replacement battery kit for your SPY6KiRTB, SPY10KiRTB & EBM2409RT3U
  • Maintenance free, high quality SLA batteries
  • 1 year repair or replace warranty

Product Datasheet

  • Model Number


    Dimensions W X D X H (MM)


    Weight Per Unit

    50 kg

    Battery Type

    Lead-acid battery

    Ambient Air Temperature For Operation

    0 - 40°C

    Storage Temperature Range

    -15 - 30°C


    0-95% Relative Humidity (Non Condensing)

    Operating Altitude Tolerance

    Up to 10000ft

    EAN Number



    1 Year Repair or Replace

    Compatible With


    Lead Time

    Usually in stock


Our environment policy promises compliance with the latest regulations, transparency on environmental impacts, as well as circular and low-CO2 products. We are very proud that our engineering standards and manufacturing practices are in compliance with the EU Reach, EU ROHS and EU WEEE directives.

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