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We like our users to feel in control and we are proud to be able to offer it to them through our intuitive, fully secure IoT UPS monitoring software. Having said that we also know that not everyone is a backup power expert, which is why we offer the best of both worlds. Uniti Power can monitor your complete UPS infrastructure on your behalf when you sign up to its unique management solution. This not only monitors multiple UPS systems across multiple sites but also includes free labour for battery replacements and routine servicing. Not only this but it will automatically extend the UPS warranty to six years.


Forward thinking, reliable and user friendly, Uniti Power’s monitoring software is an out the box solution that enables the remote monitoring of multiple UPS systems across multiple locations, straightforward UPS configuration, easy system management and pre-emptive battery testing for peak efficiency.

Installation through an app - available for Apple, Google and Android devices. There is no licensing fees and the software is free to install.

Live monitoring of a single UPS unit or multiple UPS systems, across various locations from any digital device including smartphones and tablets

With multiple location management, the Uniti Power IoT monitoring software enables UPS systems grouping by a wide selection of criteria.

Proactive scheduling capabilities mean that users can schedule regular, or one off, battery tests directly from the app.

Instant notifications and scheduled testing can also be received and managed directly from a smartphone, tablet or other digital devices.

The lot software offers an easy installation process and UPS systems can be added by simply scanning the QR code on the UPS unit.

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