Warranty Registration

This policy details how Uniti Power Ltd addresses warranty claims for its products in the UK.

Basic technical support will be provided to ALL customers on any Uniti Power UPS unit, no matter of its age or location.

Warranty Periods

Symphony Range 1.5kVA to 10kVA

3 year parts warranty and 2 year warranty on batteries on all UPS units registered via our online warranty registration [Web address here for warranty registration]
6 year parts warranty for all symphony UPS system monitored by Uniti Power Ltd (This warranty extension ends if the client cancels the monitoring after the 3 year parts warranty)

Warranty method – Swap out/ Engineer visit.

Warranty & Support Response Times

  • All support questions will be answered within 4 working hours and completed within 12 works hours
  • Warranty swap out will be completed within 5 working days
  • Warranty onsite repairs will be arranged with 5 working days and completed within 7 working days

(+44) 0845 561 0 560



    Affirming our confidence in the Uniti Power UPS technology, we offer an industry first six year warranty, when users take advantage of our UPS monitoring services. Following the successful registration of a Uniti Power UPS, users will also benefit from access to extended technical support and UPS monitoring discounts.

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