Site Survey

A site survey can prove very valuable in understanding the definite requirements of a UPS solution. They not only take into consideration supported load values but will also look at the surrounding electrical infrastructure and environmental conditions.

Uniti Power supports its partners by carrying out site surveys on their behalf. Available nationwide, site surveys from Uniti Power include those for new UPS requirements as well as for UPS replacements and upgrades.

UPS site surveys can take up to one hour and typically consider the following:

  • Application load size
  • Actual power and runtime requirements
  • Location, access and logistics
  • Environmental conditions
  • Montitoring and communication preferences
  • Viability of any existing UPS units and batteries
  • Project delivery times

To enquire about a site survey, complete the adjacent form.

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To arrange a site survey, email us with all relevant site details, site contacts, any relevant photos and the existing equipment’s model numbers and age.


    Affirming our confidence in the Uniti Power UPS technology, we offer an industry-first six-year warranty (*UK Only), when users take advantage of our UPS monitoring services. Following the successful registration of a Uniti Power UPS, users will also benefit from access to extended technical support and UPS monitoring discounts.

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